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Besides the  Christmas Market of Nations Rüdesheim offers plenty of further experiences and entertainments, hikes, tours and trails.

Here you find an overview on the offers of the season.

Silent Ride - Floating over Christmas Market

Advent’s atmospheric Cable Car Ride:

Floating silently over Rüdesheim Christmas Market, dreaming.
Blankets against the chill are provided.

Daily from 11.00 am until 06.00 pm.

Christmas Cruises

Experience the full splendour of wintertime at River Rhine from a very special perspective, depending on program accompanied by customs and lore or music of the season.

Our partners offer the following cruises:

Bingen-Rüdesheimer Schifffahrtsgesellschaft


Romantic Railways

A Special Day:

By First Class Historical Railway AKE-RHEINGOLD
including panorama, club and dining cabins, experiencing Rhine Gorge,
arriving at Rüdesheim Christmas Market of Nations, 
enchanted by the Magic of Christmastime at the Rüdesheim Old Town.

Please find further information included here.

  • A beautiful trip, well described by the slogan "Floating over Vines". Not only by history, but also by scenery a cable car trip is always worth wile.
  • Delightful Rhine Cruise with good music and glorious views of Gorge and Valley.