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All parking lots in Rüdesheim am Rhein down town are free for 20 minutes.
Please get your short term ticket using the green button at the parking machine.

Please notice, that local authorities and communal services are monitoring short term parking very closely.

  • P1 – “Bleichstraße/Apotheke” (PKW – individual vehicles only) 1,50 €/h.
  • P2 – “Drosselgasse” (PKW and busses) 1,00 €/hour, daily maximum fee 10,00 €, busses are free
  • P3 – “Grabenstraße/Bleichstraße” (PKW only) 1,50 €/h.
  • P4 – “Rheinhalle” (PKW and busses) Geisenheimer Straße PKW: 1,50 €/h, bus 7,50 €/2 h, each following 1,50 €
  • P5 + P7 – „Auf der Lach“ (PKW only) free
  • P6 – “Auf der Lach” (busses) free
  • P8 – “Burgstraße/Oberstraße” (PKW only) 1,50 €/h.
  • P9 – Parking Postplatz (PKW only) 1,50 €/h.
  • Kastanienallee/Freizeitzentrum (free)
  • Kastanienallee/Asbach-Bad (free)
  • Europastraße (except usual business hours)
  • Rheinstraße-Zentrum, Rheinstraße 29 (PKW only)
    please check on spot announcement.

    Please note:
    Due to ongoing constructions at Federal Junction B42,
    please count in difficulties and traffic jams for individual transport.

We recommend arrival and travelling by bus and boat,
railways and ferries.

Please excuse the inconveniences.