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A Warm Welcome to
the 23rd Rüdesheim Christmas Market of Nations!

Advent at River Rhine – Christmas all over the World!

Be our Guest & Meet the World at Rüdesheim

Within dark European wintertime, Weihnachten,
German Christmas marks the highlight and beacon the seasons.
For more than 20 years the market community of Rüdesheim Christmas Market of Nations
celebrates Advent and Christmas time at River Rhine in a very special tradition:

More than 20 nations from five continents bring and offer
their goods, specials, customs and celebrations of the season:

Good and thoughtful things, gifts and delights from Orient and Occident,
from Europe and from overseas.

Guests from all over the world and locals together celebrate
within the ancient historical landscape of the Rhine Gorge,
creating an unique flair and atmosphere.

Enchanting Stalls & Glowing Lights

Homes and mansions, decked with lights, greenery and ornaments,
show the festive spirit of the season.

Vendors and craftspeople invite, offer goods, gifts and delights,
in colours, spices, scents the comfort and joy of ‘Weihnachten am Rhein’.

Enjoy the Holidays & Be our Guest!

Rehwald Family & Rüdesheim Christmas Market Community

A Warm Welcome at the Heart of Rhine Valley!!
A Warm Welcome to Rüdesheim am Rhein!

Market times

Thursday, Nov. 23rd until Saturday, Dec. 23rd 2017

Sunday, Nov. 26th (Dead Sunday) closed

Daily from 11.00 am until 8.00 pm

Fridays & Saturdays until 9.00 pm


News & Update

A Warm Thank you
from Rüdesheim Christmas Market of Nations

all guests on behalf of their visit and inspiration
all vendors, crafts and companies
all citizens and neighbours for their patience and support
all security and service
all paramedics, fire guard and police services

for a special, safe and secure market.

24th Christmas Market of Nations is taking place
from 23rd of November till 23rd of December 2017.

Frohe Weihnachten & Gutes wie Erfülltes 2017!

Merry Christmas an a Happy New Year!

Rehwald Family and Market Community

Thank you for voting us ‘Best Christmas City 2016’!



“Christmas all over the World” – The second Market half

By Nicolas Day and its customs, German Christmastime has finally arrived. 118 stalls offer good gifts and fine food for the holiday table.
From Monday, December 12th, French partner town of Meursault is hosting the stall at the Nativity scene.

‘Shepherds & Angels’ plus Elves’ Day

On the 10th and 11th of December classes of local Julius Alberti primary school are hosting the Nativity stall, offering baked goods and small delights in a fund raiser towards school and charitable projects.

On Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays till 23rd of December, the Rüdesheim Chirstchild appears at 6 pm on the Market stage.

On Tuesdays, 13th and 20th of December, the Elves adventure leads families over the market, to discover hidden goods, small surprises and deliver charity.

Each riddle solved and submitted at Peter Rehwald’s, Oberstraße, releases a donation by the market community.

Third of Advent – St. Lucy’s Week

Sunday, 11th of December, sees Scandinavian Christmas on the market place.
The North celebrates Lucy, Bearer of Lights, within the following week.
On Sunday, December 11th 2016, Lucia visits the market from 6:30 pm.

Seasonal Highlights – Market Christmas Time Concerts

Fourth weekend of Advent - 'Colour the Sky' in concert

In concert on fourth weekend of Advent – ‘Colour the Sky’

On weekdays Niederwald-Musikanten and Winzerkapelle will present local Advent and Christmas music, sames as ‘Alle for Alle’ project on Saturdays.

Saturday, December 10th 2016, at 7 pm Ben Kyle presents his program ‘Swingin’ Christmas’.

Friday, Dec 16th 2016, 7 pm, Sara Bennett is on stage with her concert ‘Pop meets Classic’.

Saturday, December 17th 2016, from 6:30 pm, and Sunday, December 18th, from 1 pm, ‘Colour the Sky’ present their polyphon acustic versions of rock classics and modern songs.

Fourth Sunday of Advent sees the Market Charity closing and the hand over of donation towards the local food drive.

From 6:30 pm Mainz singer Lisa Bund is taking the stage with her piano program ‘Herzmusik – Music by Heart’.

On Friday, 23rd of December, from 7 pm, the clear resonating voices of Rostov Kosak Choir close the series of market concerts.

20th of December? – Thomas’ Night!

On the foreve of Winter solstice, masks and minstrels travel the market, wishing ‘Merry Christmas’. Thomas’ Night begins on Tuesday, December 20th 2016, at 6:30 pm in front of St. Jakobus church on the marketplace.

Enjoy the Holidays – Be our Guests!

Family Rehwald and Market Community

‘Advent im Rheintal’
First and Second of Advent at Rüdesheim

The day before opening, seven classes of Rüdesheim primary school decorated market trees along market place, Marktstraße and Oberstraße. Thank you all very much, indeed!

The next day, on Nov 24, Rüdesheim Christmas market was opened by honorary speeches and a gospel concert by Reverend Maxine Howard, Mainz.

Till Dec 23, stalls open daily and invite to awe, inspire and enjoy the holidays and their season. Fine food, nice things and good gifts are offered, as well as experiences, events and atmosphere.

Highlights of the first market weeks include:

First of Advent – Andrzejki and St. Andrew’s Eve

St. Andrew’s, Nov 30, marks the beginning of winter and traditional winter market days and is especially celebrated in Scotland as well as Poland. Rüdesheim Christmas market dedicates its first week to its customs.

On the first weekend of Advent, Frosch family at Hotel Krone, Rheinstraße, invites to the traditional Feast of Kale.

Market celebrates First Sunday of Advent on Nov 27 by festive concert.

At 3:00 pm Ben Kyle ( presents his program ‘Swingin’ Christmas’ with classical US-Christmas Music at the market stage.

At 5:00 pm the Rüdesheim Nativity Play begins,
followed by the appearance of the Rüdesheim Christchild at 6:00 pm.

From 6:30 pm the March of our ‘St. Andrew’s Tattoo’ leads around the market, hosted by ‘Moguntia Pipes and Drums’.

Second of Advent – St. Nicolas and Barbara at Rüdesheim, Rhein

Tuesday, Nov 29, with Elves’ Day sees the first Day of our Market Charity on behalf of the local Caritas food drives. An Elves Adventure leads right around the market. Each solved and submitted riddle releases a donation by the Christmas market.


Highlight of Advent: Sara Bennett

At 7:00 pm on Nov 29, Dec 1 and 2 the ‘Niederwaldmusikanten’ play their advent concert.

Saturday, Dec 3, at 2:00 pm the traditional series of Advent concerts by ‘Alle für Alle’ (All for All) is starting.

At 6:45 pm Hesse television tells about Rüdesheim Christmas market in its special „Experience Advent“.

And at 7:00 pm the highlight concert
‘Pop meets Classic’ by award singer and exceptional voice Sara Bennett is on its way.

Rick Mayfield

Rick Mayfield – Singing Santa

Second Sunday of Advent, Barbara’s Day, opens St. Nicolas’ week at River Rhine.

From 10:00 am, the traditional and time-honoured Assmannshausen Boat Pilgrimage and Blessing of the Fleet is taking place.

At Market stage, at 2:pm comedian and entertainer Rick Mayfield presents his program ‘Singing Santa’.

Tuesday, St. Nicolaus Day on Dec 6, at 10:00 am sees the traditional gift-giving and singing of local kindergarden at Oberstraße and at Marketplace.

From this, the special baked goods and gingerbreads of this day are offered, provided by charity and local primary school, raising funds for school projects and market charity.


So: Welcome & Enjoy the Holidays!

Rehwald Family & Rüdesheim Market Community

Welcome to the 23rd Rüdesheim Christmas Market of Nations!

The 23rd Rüdesheim Christmas Market of Nations

118 Stalls from 20 Nations and six continents welcome you for the 23rd Rüdesheim Christmas Market for Cosy Advent and Merry Christmastime at river Rhine.

From 2016 market program focusses on market place central stage. New attraction at Seilbahn Oberstraße, the local cable car station,  is the Giant Snow Globe, hosted by Rüdesheimer Seilbahngesellschaft in cooperation with Rüdesheim Christmas Market.


Reverend Maxine Howard - Quelle

Reverend Maxine Howard – Quelle

Nov 24, 18:15 Uhr
Festive Opening and Gospel Concert

Thursday, Nov 24, sees the 2016 market stalls opening for the first time at 11:00 am.
The traditional festive opening takes place at 6:15 pm, framed by gospel concert with Reverend Maxine Howard, Mainz. Born in Oakland, California, for some decades Reverend Howard is living in Germany, working as singer, songwriter and reverend, with bands, choirs and community reaching out to schools and universities, biker clubs, truckers and prisoners alike.

‘Godspel music is not a hobby….but a “lifestyle” of dedication … .

We must “LIVE IT” not just sing it.’


Highlights on stage:

Ben Kyle - 27.11. und 10.12. - Quelle:

Ben Kyle – 27.11. und 10.12. – Quelle:

Nov 27, 03:00 pm
Dec 10, 07:00 pm

Ben Kyle – ‘Swingin’ Christmas’, Market Stage

Starting 15 years ago, Ben Kyle has played over 1.300 concerts, representing State of Hesse at the Federal Festivities, reaching Male Singer top Ten at 2005 MTV Talent Awards, 2009 entering the Recall of German Music format ‘Deutschland sucht den Superstar’.
His ‘Swingin´Christmas’ concert includes US Christmas favourites in the swinging arrangements of Michael Bublè.




Moguntia Pipes und Drums - Quelle:

Moguntia Pipes und Drums – Quelle:

Nov 27 – 6:30 pm
St. Andrew’s Tattoo

Moguntia Pipes and Drums – March and Concert

Starting 2016, Moguntia Drums and Pipes are the new hosts of our St. Andrew’s Day Tattoo.






Family Highlights:

‘Kinder für Kinder’ and ‘Rüdesheimer Christchild’,
‘Shepherds & Angels’ and ‘Carlsson’s Store’

2016 revives the beloved market session  ‘Kinder für Kinder’, Kids for Kids. Seven classes of local Rüdesheim Julius-Alberti primary schools decorate trees within the Market.

Friday, Nov 25, 6:00 pm  sees the first appearance of the angelic Rüdesheim Christchild and its Child Angels, recurring at Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays at the Market.

As the other Sundays of Advent, Sunday, Nov 26, 5:oo pm sees the first Rüdesheim Nativity Play, supported by ‘Shepherds and Angels’, classes of the local primary school, offering baked goods and charity at the neighbouring market stall.

Tuesday, Nov 28, sees 2016 Market’s first Elves’ Day with magic mystery tour, market surprises and Advent charity, this year following the tracks of Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Please find the German version of the Elves Adventures at

A Warm Welcome to Rüdesheim Christmas Market of Nations!
Enjoy the Holidays!

Rehwald Family & Rüdesheim Market Community